Beef Shares


100% Grass Fed & Alfalfa Finished– No Corn, No Soy, No Grain

What’s better than a box of Barreras Family Farm Premium Beef? How about a whole beef?!!

How Does it Work?

*Choose whether you want a quarter, half or whole beef share.

*We will follow up with you within 1-2weeks and arrange shipping, delivery, or pick up.


We like simple, straightforward, and easy for our customers.

BONUS: All Share orders receive 2 bags of our Premium Beef Jerky FREE

From Our Farm To Your Plate

~Ships frozen every Monday~

  • Orders placed the Sunday before by 8:00 pm will be shipped the following Monday.

Born and Raised in One Location

Pasture Raised, Alfalfa Grass Finished

Federally Inspected and Labeled


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All beef is sourced from our farm in Nebraska. No Corn & No Soy- EVER.

Q: How much freezer space do I need?     A: Approx. 5 cu. ft. of space per 1/4 share. A full beef share will require approx. 20 cu. ft. space

Q: Are there any other fees?     A: NEVER! We don’t want you confused and having to struggle with calculating hanging weights and take-home weights and butcher instructions, and all the extra fees that add up. You deserve an easier way. One flat fee, no hassle, and the highest ratio of take-home meat to price you will find anywhere.

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