Pork, Natural Cured Shoulder Bacon


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Absolutely delicious heritage pork shoulder bacon. Shoulder bacon has the same great taste of bacon without all the fat!

Enjoy with your eggs for breakfast, on a hamburger, as a salad topper or wrap it around meatloaf or a steak.

Ingredients: Barreras Family Farm Pastured Pork, sea salt, natural flavors from citrus fruit extracts, honey

Pasture-raised pork at its finest! Hereford and Berkshire crossed pork raised in our pastures on legumes and grasses. We do supplement their diet with a mash grower feed and have found this extra source of protein to give “just enough” fat to the bacon. Our pastures are never sprayed with chemicals or fertilizers. No antibiotics and no hormones. Able to forage the way God intended and lovingly cared for from birth to plate.

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