Visit our farm and explore everything there is to know about farm animals, from the cute and cuddly to the strong and massive.


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Spring Only! Registration will open in early January. Go to our Farm Education page, and find out Rent-a-Chick™ program to register for our email list to get the latest updates. Ages 4-15

Our Rent-a-Chick™ educational program teaches families and school classrooms about farm life by caring for two chicks; learning how to feed, water, exercise, and love on little critters. In exchange your family is teaching the baby chicks how to interact with humans.

After our two week program, the chicks are returned to the safety of our farm and grow into our pastured egg layer hens. Kids are encouraged to name their chicks and come back to check on them.

Our complete kit comes with:

  • 2 adorable live chicks
  • Clear tote with breath through lid
  • Heating pad that is fire-safe and won’t burn your children
  • Water dish
  • Food dish
  • Food for the length of the program
  • Liners to help keep everything clean
  • Chick health and safety class
  • Emails with activities sent during the program duration
  • Certificate for a FREE dozen eggs that your chicks will begin laying in the fall.

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