Partnering Together

Barreras Family Farm is a veteran-owned, sustainable local meat farm near Omaha delivering grass-fed beef and pork nationwide. Our farm, and partnering local meat farmers in Nebraska, use sustainable, renewable land and animal practices.


Taste the Difference; 100% Grass-Fed Beef

  • Humanely raised and sustainably farmed in Nebraska
  • Never given antibiotics or added hormones
  • Source of omega-3s, vitamins, and minerals

Our Hereford/Angus cross cattle are humanely raised, 100% grass-fed, and free to roam on grassy pastures throughout their entire lives.

No corn and No Soy, ever! Beef from the store is fed corn and soy products to fatten them and increase weight. Aren’t you tired of buying unhealthy meat that drips with excessive fats? Barreras Family Farm Beef is Better! Our cattle feed on pastures their entire lives and are finished on high-quality organic alfalfa which gives our beef a gentle sweet flavor.

The majority of beef sold in American, even with other high-end online subscription services, sources their beef from Australia. Barreras Family Farm Beef is Better! We source 100% of our beef from family farmers, just like ours, right here in the United States.


100% Pasture-Raised Pork

  • Never given antibiotics or added hormones
  • Never chemically processed!
  • Naturally cured with sea salt and herbs
  • 100% USA Premium Grass-Fed Pork

Our Berkshire hogs are always raised on pasture. We firmly believe in the health of the whole animal and that of the land they are raised on.

No chemicals are ever used in our curing process. We work very closely with select USA butchers who adhere to our quality health standards. This includes only using salt and herbs in the curing process. It takes more time, but our high standard of quality demands patience to ensure you receive the healthiest product available.

The majority of pork sold in American is sourced and butchered in China. Barreras Family Farm Pork is Better! We source 100% of our pork from family farmers, just like ours, right here in the United States.


Pasture-Raised Happy Hens

  • 100% free access to pastures, year round
  • Source of Vitamin A, Vitamin B, and Selenium
  • 100% USA Sourced Eggs

Our laying hens enjoy access to pasture year round and the safety of their coop, when they choose. Our farmers take into account the unique needs of their flocks to ensure their health and safety is always the highest priority.

Hens are chosen based on egg size, color, and unique characteristics of the breed. We love showcasing beautiful natural colored eggs from chickens who lay blue, green, brown, and speckled eggs. We don’t believe in plain white, ordinary. Barreras Family Farm believes in always being Eggstrodinary

*currently only available in local Omaha, NE stores and farmers markets.

Trusted Farmer Partners

Together we are a team. We believe in working with and sourcing our farm products from local Nebraska meat farms that line up with our family and community values. Barreras Family Farm seeks sustainable farmer partners who treat their land, animals, and employees with honor.

We are better together

Are you a Nebraska meat farmer with values that match ours? Then the Barreras’ sustainable local meat farm near Omaha would like to be your farmer partner. Connect with us to start the approval process.

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